Nathan Fake – Providence

whence they came. 2017 still the epoch connection to 1986 I guess. Tweaking continues. Gear fetishes. Bedroom solipsism the high practitioners have been British, home counties even. Belfast has a lot of it. We can relate to that idea of being psychically under attack and struggling with money that seems to fly around between shops and estates. Our own miracle gets frustrating because it is forced to be anti capitalist if it gave itself any name beyond dust coated wading. And composing with dust and ohms something rises out of the lake of plugged in amateur profs. And they’re just the slick ones.

So here’s another tweaked little miracle. Its an impression, a reflection about a load of stuff that you can decide is valuable I suppose but I think its too honed despite the honing being at quite a high level of awareness. So going by the method ( the probably pointless method) its an A grade which tells us something is amiss. Albums and presentations are more like births these days and what I like about this little child is its charm, its ability to separate itself from cliché. Its satisfying to audience and curate it but its so one like (there’s only one) derived from its fluid editing abstraction technique. And its independence is satisfyingly subversive but not in any actual emphasised meaning or anything. This record likes what it says about language and that’s its limitation on a better planet. But on this one, Earth its cool for the present day. There is a great lack of irritation in it which makes it so enjoyably harmless. In this day and age that raise it to the level of usefulness but only just which is enough and very pleasing. And it remains the first new record I’ve been interested in for years.

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